Glenn GE Insurance For Life Headshot

Glenn Eckstut
President, GE Insurance For Life

Our 3 Key Principles:

  1. Commit To The Right Insurance Policy
  2. Build Wealth
  3. Maximize Retirement Income

During my twenty-plus years in the insurance industry, I have advised a wide range of clients on strategies that have led to successful retirement outcomes. I am an educator, not a salesperson! I pride myself on being people-driven, not product-driven. It genuinely warms my heart to guide people out of complex financial scenarios, empowering them with knowledge and a plan so that they can create wealth and security for themselves and their families.

What I Do

My purpose is to educate business owners and professionals on how to build wealth by using proven strategies that help them to grow their hard-earned dollars, while also protecting their families through permanent life insurance products.

Many people think of life insurance as just death benefit protection but there are many other advantages. For example, this is the only vehicle that exists today without contribution limits, where your money can grow tax-deferred, and where you have tax-advantaged access to the cash value build-up through loans and surrenders to basis.

I also specialize in long-term disability insurance and am contracted with some of the top insurance companies in the country. I make certain that you get the coverage you need if you become injured or physically/mentally ill. You insure your mobile phone, your car, your home, and hopefully your life. The bigger question is, have you insured your paycheck?

Why I Do It

Happiness to me is being around my family, having good health, and achieving financial stability. My business revolves around 2 of these 3 fundamental ideas. Helping people achieve their desired goals and dreams brings me tremendous joy.

I wholeheartedly care about people and want to make a difference in many lives. I am thankful to have built my business on the foundation of putting people in better financial positions. I am able to give my clients peace of mind knowing that their families will be financially supported should they not be here tomorrow. Many people know their retirement plans through work may not be enough to adequately support them in retirement and don’t know who to turn to for trustworthy guidance. I want to make people understand they do not need to invest a fortune to achieve their desired financial goal(s).


We proudly serve clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York, South Carolina, Illinois, Florida, and Washington D.C. But don’t just take our word for it! Read what some of our clients have to say about working with GE Insurance For Life. Remember: it’s your life, your income & your future.

“Being a husband and father of a 4-year-old, as well as just losing my father to cancer, I wanted to be sure my family was well taken care of in case anything happens to me. It was never a doubt to call Glenn. He never sold me, he talked to me like a human being and cared about my needs. He helped me pick the perfect life insurance policy for me and my family. Don’t be stupid. Call Glenn.”

– Dave

“Glenn Eckstut with GE Insurance For Life is the man I trust with my insurance needs. I am so confident in his ability to invest appropriately and to protect my family should something happen to me that I constantly refer him to my own patients. He is highly credible, honest, and hard-working, and best of all, he is a sincere family man. I highly recommend giving Glenn a call and seeing how he can help!”

– Dr. Nick and Jen

“I am 40 years old with diabetes. I am married and have a son. I was denied by two life insurance companies due to having type 2 diabetes. I was discouraged and one of my friends posted a video of Glenn discussing life insurance. I go way back with Glenn playing baseball as a child. So I reached out to Glenn and told him the story of where I am at and he asked about what my current goals were. I was still discouraged but he was like I have been able to get people approved with your similar situation. I told him to put his money where his mouth is. Not only was he able to get me approved, we were able to discuss my goals and what I want for my family. Glenn was able to get me to lower my barriers and has my best interest. Glenn was able to give me peace of mind by protecting my family. I can’t say enough of what Glenn does for his clients. I highly recommend that you just give Glenn a call to discuss life insurance. He educates and really cares about you and genuinely wants to help. You’re in great hands with Glenn and when it comes to protecting your family, I will put Glenn up against anyone.”

– Rory